The Scrapaway Team have been in the scrap metal industry for many years. Nick and Sharlene are the owners of this family business and really enjoy what they do.
The main area they are specialising in is the Adelaide metro area.
The business has various size trucks to suit the size of the pick up and will work with businesses, builders or residential.
They will collect any of your unwanted metal items, just give them a call and they will pick up and take away for free. All the scrap metal they collect whether an old air conditioner, fridge, washing machines, car batteries, metal bath tubs, electrical wiring or anything else, will be recycled or reused for parts, they make sure that the metal they collect doesn’t end up in landfill as being ‘environment friendly’ is very important to Nick.

It doesn’t matter what condition it is in or whether it works the Scrapaway Team will pick it up!

Trivia: Australians are the second highest producers of waste, per person, in the world with each of us sending almost 690kgs of waste to landfill each year (the United States is the highest waste producer).
(Ref www.swinburne.edu.au/ncs/swingreenoffice/factfile.htm)

Let’s work together and look after our environment.

Call the Scrapteam today

All scrap must be left in a convenient location at the front of the property ready for Scrapaway to pick up please!

(Items can be placed on or next to driveway, not on council property or verge)